New Hampshire has become the second state to announce that it will use the HiSET ™ program as its exclusive provider of high school equivalency testing. Beginning in 2014, the state will no longer use the GED® test and begin using the HiSET program developed by nonprofit Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the University of Iowa’s Iowa Testing Program (ITP).


The announcement follows the Montana Department of Public Instruction's adoption of the HiSET test last month. New Hampshire joins an increasing numbers of states, educators, policymakers and employers looking for a high school proficiency exam that includes elements that are critical to providing out-of-school youth and adults with proof of their readiness for higher education or the workplace.


"The New Hampshire Department of Education looks forward to working with ETS to provide our residents with a high-quality, affordable and readily available high school equivalency test that will allow them to successfully complete postsecondary educational programs and qualify for high-quality employment opportunities," says Art Ellison, Administrator, Bureau of Adult Education, New Hampshire Department of Education.


The test will measure the same competencies as the current GED® test, but the advantages of the HiSET program include:


  • Paper-based and computer-based test delivery to serve the greatest number of candidates
  • Affordable test fees to keep this valuable credential accessible for candidates, states and educational programs
  • Up to two retests in the same calendar year, for no additional cost
  • Flexibility with the use of existing test centers, test prep and curricula and a choice of scoring vendor options
  • English and Spanish versions of the test
  • Test design and validation by experts in assessment development for fair and reliable results


Furthermore, the HiSET program offers much needed flexibility to states wanting to avoid GED® score expiration in 2014 by supporting combined pre-2014 GED® scores with HiSET scores to issue equivalency credentials.


"ETS welcomes the opportunity to work with educators in New Hampshire to provide learners in their state with a high-quality high school equivalency exam that measures the test taker’s readiness for higher education or the workplace," says John Oswald, Vice President and General Manager, K–12 Student Assessment Programs, ETS.


Beginning on January 2, 2014, out-of-school youth and adults who are pursuing a high-school equivalency credential will have another choice of tests to show what they know — the ETS High School Equivalency Test (HiSET™). The HiSET™ program will be an affordable, accessible alternative to the GED® test.


Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Iowa Testing Programs (ITP), two trusted names in educational assessment, are currently developing this new program that will provide another pathway to attaining the credential you need to succeed in higher education or the workplace.


The HiSET program will measure your knowledge in five core areas:


  • Language Arts–Reading
  • Language Arts–Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies


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