The Goal

The goal of the Young Adult Leadership Program is to provide the participants with invaluable information and insight that most young adults are simply never taught or explained. Our curriculum is comprised of engaging and interactive workshops and seminars that divulge tactics and embed knowledge that will place them years ahead of their peers and competitors, and will pave the way for academic and personal excellence. The skills you learnt are real-life skills applicable immediately to any subject.

Here you will learn:

Enrollment is limited – apply early!

Enrolling in a WADT program is one of the best steps you can take in gaining an academic and professional edge while maintaining a happy and balanced life. You will learn life skills that will benefit you for years to come.

Enrollment Procedure Summary


If your application has been successfully sent to our administrative offices, you will receive a return email from us. After your application has been processed, you will be contacted to schedule a required phone interview. Upon completion of the phone interview and formal admission to the program, you will be mailed a confirmation letter and a welcome packet, which includes detailed information about the program to which you have been admitted.


For more information on enrollment and eligibility for participation contact wadt at