WADT Community Outreach

They are designed to educate the public about domestic violence issues, issues affecting victims of domestic violence and their children as well as bridging the gap between various domestic violence shelters and the National Coalitions against domestic violence using respected and locally relevant channels of communication.

Desired Outcome- Educating the Public about DV

The desired outcome is to educate the public about domestic violence issues, to reach victims and their children so they may seek help but most importantly to get the community actively involved to stand against domestic violence. With community involvement WADT hopes to attain a movement towards a 'domestic violence-free community'

Friends and family are the most credible sources for delivering messages about domestic violence issues, followed by employers, businesses, and the media. Other local channels of communication range from civic organizations to healthcare organizations and associations. Successful community outreach focuses on DV issue's relevance to the community and acknowledges the community's challenges in addressing the issue.

WADT DV Innovative Community Outreach Activities

Activities that Provide Direct Interaction with the Public
Information about WADT resources are available Sate wide through various County office resource centers
Strategy: To make our services available State wide to victims of domestic violence and their children and Nationally while fleeing abuse

Used Cell Phone drive events
Strategy: Meet and educate the public recycle used cell phones for victims of domestic violence and their children

Volunteer-Based Initiatives
Strategy: Mobilization of volunteers and youth groups to implement strategies/further goals, about domestic violence awareness. The need to help victims of abuse and their children with their immediate emergency needs.

Strategy: Distribute pamphlets and innovative domestic violence marketing materials to increase visibility and reinforce messages.

Mobilizing Local Business
Strategy: Create and promote opportunities for local business involvement, relating to domestic violence issues. The issues relating to ‘when domestic violence goes to work are addressed here. WADT provides resources to local businesses for employee referrals and opportunity to help victims and their children through community partner coalitions.
WADT Promote ‘special dining days’ by teaming with restaurants and coffee shops.

World Wide Web Sites
Strategy: WADT is able to reach the general public and link to other relevant sites. Strategy here is to increase awareness of the need to help victims of domestic violence and their children. To help abused victims and their children localize help during emergencies as well as provide resources to aid abused victims and their children.

Activities Using Media Techniques

Speaker's Bureau
Strategy: WADT Establish DV speaker's bureau (coalition members, experts) who are available to speak about the DV issues and deliver key messages as it relates to creating economic opportunities for victims of DV and their children while addressing the need for counseling to ensure economic opportunity sustainability

Domestic Violence Awareness Month- October Events
Strategy: DVAM activities include, used cell phone collection through Corporate Partners. Feminine hygiene items, canned goods collection in preparation for holiday distribution

Working With Newscasters/Local Media
Strategy: WADT press releases encourage local media to deliver accurate and timely health messages about domestic violences, giving residents the opportunity to take actions to

Activities Targeting Youth

Special Events
Strategy: WADT holds Events and activities designed specifically to deliver domestic violence awareness messages to a young audience.
Workshops for Teachers
Strategy: WADT works with Teachers for referrals in order to reach abused victims children, by providing accurate information about DV that can be incorporated into classroom presentations and hands-on demonstrations.

Recognition of Program Partners
WADT Recognize the contributions and support of partner organizations, coalition members, and media outlets
Strategy: WADT Publicly and/or privately acknowledge the work and commitment of partner organizations and express appreciation, through, Certificates, awards, thank-you letters and/or acknowledgement in newsletters, at meetings, and in the press.

For more on how to help or to see help see http://wadt.org/support for used cell phone collection material download and more..

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