The mission of Women Are Dreamers Too Inc.

To break the vicious cycle of poverty among women and foster sustainable economic self-sufficiency by providing micro-enterprise technical training, job skills training, financial education, and counseling.


ur focus is especially on improving the lives of women who are victims of domestic violence or are under-served. Moreover, we support poor women who wish to take charge of their own financial destiny by helping them to become entrepreneurs. 

Women Are Dreamers Too is focused on improving the lives of:

All women
Women who are victims of domestic violence
Women entrepreneurs


he organization creates economic opportunities for women (especially women who are victims of domestic violence) through employment, micro-enterprise technical training utilizing the Keynesian multiplier model.

The technical educational initiative is a conservative one that demands of all women to develop as social entrepreneurs, in order to break the vicious cycle of poverty, inter-generational cycle of violence, economic dependency, and move towards sustainable self-reliance.

Conservatism here simply requires of these women to be thrifty in their economic decision-making in order to conserve for unforeseen contingencies.

It is our sincere believe that through the creation of female micro-entrepreneurs WADT will help foster sustainable economic independence among women. UR FOCUS: WADT Inc. realizes that in addition to the risks and obstacles faced by all poor people, poor battered women face additional batterer-generated risks, of abject poverty and homelessness. We further realize that the children (innocent by-standers) also suffer similar fate. Hence our focus:





In line with innovative models that serve Latino communities throughout the country, La Familia's goal is to identify and rebuild the lives of families affected in the South East Region by domestic violence.

The program addresses all aspects of domestic violence in the Latino community through prevention and intervention services for the entire family. A bilingual and bi-cultural team works with families and communities to understand and change the cultural practices and beliefs that contribute to domestic abuse.
Services include crisis counseling; safety planning, family interventions, support and assistance with immigration, legal issues and the schools are provided in Spanish and English.