Women Are dreamers Too- wadt - is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, helping victims of Domestic Violence transcend poverty through micro-enterprise training.
WADT Inc. realizes that in addition to the risks and obstacles faced by all poor people, poor battered women face an additional batterer-generated risks, of abject poverty and homelessness. We further realize that the children (innocent by-standers) also suffer similar fate.

Our mission is therefore to break the vicious cycle of poverty through micro-enterprise technical training in order to foster economic self-sufficiency, through self-determination which we hope will generate a multiplier effect and foster sustainable economic growth in their various communities.

Our long-term economic solutions are aligned with programs that help survivors make permanent life changes. Women and children are enabled to transition into survivors who break the intergenerational abuse cycle. Our economic solutions provide new, all-encompassing services customized to meet the unique needs of each victim, women and children.
We address Domestic violence crisis by providing a unique, long-term, comprehensive solution that goes beyond emergency services. WaDt is a collaboration of several non-profit domestic violence and housing service agencies.
It is our sincere belief that through the creation of micro-entrepreneurs WADT will help foster sustainable economic independence among our candidates in order to move them towards self-determination.



hy should we help?

If we don't help, the women and children become unproductive citizens, we create economic dependencies for generations yet unborn. If we don't help, the cycle of abuse becomes greater, the socio-economic costs become wider, psychic burden much heavier. By helping we are helping our own lives, By helping, we create productive citizens, who contribute to the larger society.
A call and yield to help is a call to save lives.
Come dream with us for a better tomorrow!!!! Volunteer your time, talent and treasure!!!! Help us to save lives, because together we can!
Our premise, "If I can help somebody, If I can leave this world better than I found it, If I can quench a thirst, If I can wipe away a tear, If I can stop


abuse, If I can save a life, If I can be an instrument of change... because at WaDt we believe that there is no excuse for domestic violence.
We give hope, because hope has power, this is our call to serve!
We are founded and grounded on the premise of "teach me to fish, so I may fish for life"
Come dream with us, for a better tomorrow, because together we can!
To all those who dare to dream, to those who look fear in the face daily, to those innocent bystanders (the children) who had no choice in all these matters, to those lives lost while fleeing abuse, to those who are afraid of fleeing because of the batterer-generated economic risks, we say to you,:


"BE NOT AFRAID, BE AFRAID NO MORE, THE HEAVENS GO BEFORE YOU ALWAYS! Your true character is revealed by the clarity of your convictions, the choices you make, and the promises you keep. Hold strongly to your principles and refuse to follow the currents of convenience. What you say and do defines who you are, and who you are, you are forever. Hang on, don't give up, the Heavens are all around you. BE NOT AFRAID!! To the kids, you may not understand, you may not know why? The Heavens has brought you thus far, you are a survivor, hang on, there is always a tomorrow!
Keep your dreams ALIVE, NEVER GIVE UP!"



e dedicate this site to you! You all are the true HEROS! "

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