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You have signed up for Toys food for Christmas and this is your first time requesting's what to expect


You have signed up for toys, food for Thanksgiving, Christmas Angels from Women Are Dreamers Too and are wandering what next




If you signed up for Holiday help, Women Are Dreamers Too Holiday Team, Board Members, Volunteers and Angels will be doing the following over the next several weeks:


1. You will receive e-mails from us asking you to confirm your registration for holiday help.


2. You will receive e-mails and or phone calls from us to pick up


3. Some folks will receive phone calls and e-mails for Angel pickup.


4. Some folks will receive food for Thanksgiving, food for Christmas, gifts form Angels in the community, depending on the circumstance.


5. Some families will receive toys in combination with all of the above




Please note the following *******




1. It is important to maintain the same e-mail address when corresponding with us, if your e-mail address changes please notify us prior to pick up


2. We understand that in some circumstance your phone may have issues, please check your-emails regularly and add wadt at to your allowed e-mail addresses.


3. Women Are Dreamers Too does not charge for any good or services received from us as such all goods and services are provided to your family on a first come first served basis.


4. We reserve the right to limit quantity of goods and/ or services.


5. No goods received by you from Women Are Dreamers Too may be sold and or re-gifted to anyone for any reason


6. All goods and services go directly to all end users and the children you signed up for.


7.  We do not make deliveries therefore you must pick up all that you have requested at the time and date we specified, otherwise we will reassign your items to other families in need.


8.  We will inbox pickup location and time, please check your e-mails daily and return all calls.


Have a happy Thanksgiving in advance.


*****Those we have scheduled for pick up today 11/23/13 please arrive on time.

Any questions call 404 -477-4211 or e-mail wadt at

Be there


We thank our Thanksgiving Angels, Corporate Sponsors, Volunteers, Alumni for all they do to help us all


Below are sights and sounds of 2012 Thanksgiving recipient


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You have signed up for holiday help, food, toys, g...
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