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 DEE HENRY - New Destiny Enterprises Inc.-

Class Captain 2005

      PAMELA COOPER- Cooper Real Estate Devt. Corp.

Asst. Class Captain


          ANITA CONLEY- Dove Starr Publishing Inc.


706 Charles St. Catering Svcs. Inc.-

CHRITINE FICKLIN- 706 Charles St. Bed and Breakfast

         CYNTHIA HOLSEY – Holsey Music Inc.- (



 Imperial Services Inc.

TRAVIS MCNEIL- McNeil Systems Inc..-(


          RHONDA MURPHY-Murphy Caterers and Event Planning Inc.(

          JUAN T. SHUMATE- Juan Shumate Investment Groups Inc.. (

FELICIA SMITH- Micah Real Estate Inc. (


 SHIRLENE STAFFORD-BAKER- Mouchez Fashions Inc. (

ORLIFIA WIJNGAARDEN- Surinam Designz Inc.(











Sereniti Day Spa Inc.

Regina Nobawefe

Class Captain 2004


Demoet Inc.

Music Demo Creations, Marketing, Distribution, Int'l Talent Scout and Promotion

Ivlaw Rosheuvel

Asst. Class Captain



Evans Sweet Home Realty

Real Estate Investment, Builder, New home Construction, Property Management

Gail Ware


Carter Database Technology

(Business Database Creation/Maintenance; Website Design, Domain Registration, more..

Eddie Carter


Life Style Designz Inc.

Architectural Designs, Interior Decorating, Landscape Design..more

Edith Nderu


Weekes Consulting Group

Corporate Accounting Solutions, Book keeping Services

Verda Weekes



Sherries Errands Inc.

Concierge, Errand Services

Sherrie Napolitano



Nikoz Decisions Inc.

Event Planning

Vegletta Lewis-Cook


Plaflogi Schools Inc.

Providing Educational Opportunities for Mentally Challenged Kids

Katina Thomas


JJoten Enterprises Inc.

Corporate Identity Solution Provider, Desktop Publishing, Brochures, Logo Creations, Website registration Development and Creation

'you jot it we got it'

Wanda Omigie




Unique Eye Inc.

Business Expo Organizing Company.

Maria Carmen




Lil' Deb Bed and Breakfast Inc.

Country Bed and Breakfast

Deborah Holland



Imanis Investment Inc.

A real Estate Investment Firm

Amyrah Imani


Paramount Investment Corporation

A financial Investment Firm




Sweet Things Lawrenceville

Bargain Hunter Heaven

Odds and Endss



I grant Services

Grant Writing Services

Catrece Martinez




A and K Services Inc. Corporate Cleaning Servicse

Cordelia Hearse


A. L. Hinson Inc.

A Corporate Security Solutions Provider, Security Training and Certification Services

A.L. Hinson



Noba Creations

Crafts and Art Gallery

R. Nobawefe




Teen Spot Entertainment Inc.

Belinda Reid

Creative Designs Unlimited


Rising Star Day Care Inc.

Deez Everything Inc.

Children's toys, hardware, home supplies, odds and ends

Delma Clark

 Mama Mary's Textiles Inc.

DBD Garage Inc.


Fabutegious Food Inc

Catering, Restaurant

Hameedah Jibri

True Sounds Inc.

Recording Artist, Music Promotion, Distribution and More

Donald Allen

Hinson Security Inc.

Corporate Security Services

Arthur Hinson

National Health Care Services Inc.

CPR/First-Aid Certification for Chiropractors, Medical Professionals

Clarietha Allen

S and E IT Solutions Inc.

(Computer Hardware/Software Installation and Service

Martha Epps

The Writing Promise Inc.


(Children Books)

Demertic Cofield



Hunters Professional Office Solutions Inc.

Voice and Data Services

Cheryl Hunter

kmmd Inc.

Cametra Grant

Office Staffing Solutions

Bathily Financial Services

(Business Funding)

May Bathily

Expressions by Coni Inc.

Business Cards etc

Coni Browne

Vital Screens Inc.

Dental Technicial, Dentures etc.

Stephanie Walls 

Sprinkles Laundromat and Drycleaning Services

Kimberly Cofield 

 Majestic Cleaning Services Inc.

(Corporate Cleaning Svc.)

Rose Brown


Pronto Book Keeping Services Inc.

One More Sistah Inc.

Gail Wilkins

Intelligent Concept Inc.

(Event Planner)

Channelle Harris

Class Captain Spring 2004







Congratulations Business Owners Spring'03!  



Mary Ellen's Personal Catering Inc. -



Helping Towns Inspire Appealing Futures (Real Estate)             

Mary Ellen's Personal Catering Inc. -


The Mall of Serendipity Inc.   

Selma Calaman


V.I.F.S Inc.

(Financial Consulting Services)


Anantomy Inc. (Total Fitness) 


Katz Eye Records (Recording Studio & production)


 Mulla Textiles Inc.



Vegetarian's Delight Inc. (Vegetarian Cuisine and Protein Supplement)  


Briana's Kakery Inc. (Personal Chef)


 Starz Academy Inc.- Child care/ Elderly Care services



Heal Thyself Naturally Inc.-(Holistic approach to Healthy living)


 The Lion's Share Group Inc.-

Vocal training, Vocal Backup, Entertainment  

 Try Marketing and Consulting Inc.


Star Ambassador Inc.





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Please advise your referrals that Turkey is not open to the general public. The Turkeys are not 'giveaways'. They are awarded based on circumstances and need, of which domestic violence is a major issue.


If the children have no food in a family with children, and the mother is gainfully employed, then the family needs us..


Women Are Dreamers Too Angels and community Partners, Sponsors, everyday community Angels are the ones who make all these things happen.

Our Board members are also Angels. They work extremely hard to get all the items that folks receive for their children, during the holiday season

Why?,  because they believe that folks when given the proper tools in life will make conscious efforts to get up and stand up to help themselves.

We do all these things at Women Are Dreamers Too, but the ultimate goal is towards economic self-sufficiency for the Children of abused victims and the mothers, so they too may dream, but most importantly that they too may become productive members of our community. So our community pays it forward so they may be.

So we say- 'Victims of domestic violence women and Children will dream another day, we need to help them repair their torn boots or straps so they may get up.

It is costlier for our community if we do nothing, in fact if we do nothing innocent bystanders may get hurt, if we help, our community gets stronger.

So to all the children who came on Friday, and Saturday we love you all, eat less candy. To the Grand Parents who brought their children and grand children, May The Heavens keep you all keeping on. To The abused victims, who are telling their stories wanting to get help for them and their children, May The Almighty God give you peace and bless you, May all you dream of come true.

To all our Angels, Sponsors, Corporate Partners, Board Members, Volunteers, Alumni, current candidates, The Community of Alpharetta,  and all the children (including our young adults who have made it through college. We give thanks for you all

May The Souls of all the departed rest is eternal peace


Happy Thanksgiving

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Usted se ha inscrito en los juguetes, la comida de Acción de Gracias, Navidad Ángeles de las mujeres son soñadores también y están vagando lo siguiente

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

Si usted se inscribió en ayuda de vacaciones, las mujeres son Dreamers también Día de fiesta del equipo, los Consejeros, Voluntarios y Ángeles estará haciendo lo siguiente en las próximas semanas:

1. Usted recibirá correos electrónicos de nosotros le pedirá que confirme su registro en busca de ayuda de vacaciones.

2. Usted recibirá e-mails y llamadas telefónicas o de nosotros para recoger

3. Algunas personas van a recibir llamadas de teléfono y correos electrónicos para Ángel de recogida.

4. Algunas personas recibirán alimentos de Acción de Gracias, la comida para la Navidad, los regalos forman Ángeles en la comunidad, dependiendo de la circunstancia.

5. Algunas familias recibirán juguetes en combinación con todo lo anterior


Tenga en cuenta lo siguiente *******

-------------------------------------------------- ------------

1. Es importante mantener la misma dirección de correo electrónico en su correspondencia con nosotros, si cambia su dirección de correo electrónico por favor notifique a nosotros antes de recoger

2. Entendemos que en alguna circunstancia el teléfono puede tener problemas, por favor verifica-emails con regularidad y añadir Wadt en a sus direcciones de correo electrónico permitidos.

3. Las mujeres son demasiado soñadores no cobra por cualquier bien o servicio recibido de nosotros, como tal, todos los bienes y servicios se ofrecen a su familia en un primer llegado primer servido.

4. Nos reservamos el derecho de limitar la cantidad de bienes y / o servicios.

5. Ninguno de los productos recibidos por usted de las mujeres son demasiado soñadores pueden venderse y o re-dotados a nadie por ninguna razón

6. Todos los bienes y servicios van directamente a todos los usuarios finales y de los hijos que usted firmó para arriba para.

7.  Nosotros no hacemos entregas, por lo tanto usted debe recoger todo lo que ha solicitado en la fecha y hora que se especifica, de lo contrario vamos a reasignar sus artículos a otras familias necesitadas.

8.  Vamos a inbox lugar de recogida y la hora, por favor revise su correo electrónico todos los días y devolver todas las llamadas.

Tenga un feliz Acción de Gracias de antemano.

***** Aquellos que hemos programado para recoger hoy 11 / 23 / 13 Favor de llegar a tiempo.

Cualquier pregunta llame 404-477 4211-o e-mail Wadt en

Estar allí


Nuestro agradecimiento especial a nuestros ángeles de Acción de Gracias, Patrocinadores Corporativos, los voluntarios, los alumnos de todo lo que hacen para ayudarnos

-------------------------------------------------- ---------

A continuación se presentan imágenes y sonidos del destinatario 2012 de Acción de Gracias b2ap3_thumbnail_christmas.jpg 

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