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If Men Were Honest When Hitting On Women

I’m compensating. Do you like that?” Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/18yCF0b Featuring: Jamar Neighbors – Twitter: @JamarNeighbors Brian Woh…

These women certainly aren’t having a good day! Join the community. Send in clips you find online at: http://2bucksentertainment.com Sent in by: http://www.y…

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49 Responses to If Men Were Honest When Hitting On Women

  1. Somerandomdude4.2526 says:

    Women, put on make up, that is lying in the dating game
    to all people like “if you believe that ……. blue eyelids” 1. not all
    makeup is obvious 2. the subconscious cant subtract make up to gauge beauty
    to all those people who say “its for us not you” 1. Biology states that you
    like to look good, so you can attract people 2.Even if true it is still
    Please answer, is it lying for man to wear stuff that makes him seem more
    muscley and stronger

  2. Miaana M says:

    Brace yourselves, the anti-feminism/sexist comments are coming. 

  3. Bob Bobby says:

    Look I’m not offended or anything but why does Buzzfeed always portray men
    as ignorant assholes? 

  4. Zach Jordan says:

    How about “If women were honest when hitting on men” ?

    “Oh he looks rich”

  5. SeanGames says:

    As if women don’t do that to men.

  6. Bobster930 says:

    Buzzfeed subscribers seriously need to stop with the same drawn out
    comments. Please explain how this video is “sexist”? Because it doesn’t
    portray guys as being 110% super awesome? Firstly, most of this was a JOKE,
    you know a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter. It’s not
    meant to be taken as an accurate representation of the entire male
    population. Secondly, that stuff wasn’t offensive anyway. “My friend is too
    shy to approach you”/”You’re pretty and I don’t know what to do about
    it”/”I want to have sex with you” How is anything of that sexist? I go to
    bars fairly often and I gotta say it’s pretty accurate. Lastly, Buzzfeed
    has numerous MALE employees so everyone’s theories about some feminist
    propaganda bullshit is pretty off the mark. 

  7. E OK says:

    I want to grow long hair and beards with someone! 

  8. J Lewis says:

    Not to sound like a chauvinist or anything but BuzzFeed must really hate
    men or something. Every week its something new about how stupid men are or
    how they are a bunch of liars or all men are just kids. Please feminist and
    male bashers dont send me death threats, im just making a statement

  9. Trent Mann says:

    Cue feminists

  10. Klmp13 says:

    You know what this is? It isn’t sexist, it’s a fucking JOKE.
    Seriously. Stop taking these buzzfeed videos so seriously people!

  11. TheShadyPiedPiper says:

    Wow, this is a whole new low for buzzfeed. This is sexist on so many

  12. Sarahnessoyeah says:

    Alright Sarah, here’s your chance to get top comment! Don’t blow it! Oh
    look, you blew it.

  13. jaciline lee says:

    Sexism I’m a girl but this is still really sexist :/

  14. JB Clem says:

    About 90% of men would say. “Hey, Let’s have sex at my crib later

  15. Builder Bob says:

    I dont mind the videos im just tired of the one sided uploads by buzzfeed.
    Are they going to make a video with women saying “Im talking to you because
    im hoping your filthy rich” or “I dont need to go to the bathroom, im just
    going because this it getting akward”….. no because BuzzFeed Yellow only
    puts up feminist bullshit… i literally only subscribe to this channel for
    the food tasting videos….. i watch these ones hoping maybe they’ll be
    funny and they’ll have a female version come out but there never is….

  16. Hannie H says:

    MEN ARE SUCH BABIES TAKE A FUCKING JOKE you’re just mad because this is

  17. ghost245353 says:

    why are men offended by this video? I’m assuming the people who are
    offended don’t know this to be true.

  18. Bossman12340 says:

    Now, will Buzzfeed do this video again but swap the genders anytime soon?
    Why should I even ask? Of course they won’t! Silly me.

  19. Caelan Kelley says:

    Enough with these attacks on men. Hitting On women is the second function
    of bars, and women go there with full knowledge of that.

  20. 2canplay@thatgame says:

    lol it cracks me up how they make men look like pigs. Hey I know make a
    video about the same topic but about women this time oh wait that wouldn’t
    be nice now would it.

  21. Jerich0 says:

    Ladies, girls, young women… Grow some girl balls and approach us guys for
    a change!

  22. Jesus Christ says:

    Hi, wanna have sex?

  23. Funaho H says:

    Some men are like this. And we don’t need Buzzfeed to decipher what they
    REALLY mean. This is hilarious nonethless.

  24. Not8upwthit says:

    Relax, I don’t know what I’m doing lol….dumb ass giving some one not just
    a gun that knows nothing about guns. But gives her an AK 47, that’s
    retarded. I bet he shit his pants when she turned with the gun pointing at
    his retarded ass lol

  25. Fariko Flushed says:

    I wish that bitch in the last clip would’ve died, stupid people like that
    don’t deserve to live

  26. BOB24502 says:

    I bet that cheer gas girl is fun at parties…

  27. Mark David says:

    what the hell was the last woman looking at!?!?

  28. young link says:

    The last lady is an IDIOT! She wasn’t even using her phone! She was looking
    STRAIGHT at him! Did she forget how to use the brakes?

  29. roflcopterriding says:


  30. brandon242 says:

    the dumbest one is the lady telling the guy to relax after she points the
    automatic weapon at him.

  31. MrGoodkat says:

    I could just sit and press ’8′ all day long.

  32. Cz4rMike says:

    1:29 no seatbelt found…

  33. TVTruther says:

    The 1:29 car crash where the car behind (witness) just leaves….LOL

  34. homer simp says:

    Why in the year 2014 are women still allowed to drive?

  35. alan30189 says:

    1:25 Just how in the hell did that happen? She was looking straight at him!

  36. andy pearson says:

    1:14 = shit departed

  37. Lester Dela Cruz says:

    the last chick’s airbag didn’t go off when she crashed

  38. CaptainCarthex says:

    Cheer gas sounds like some joker arkam shit.

  39. TheTru034 says:

    1:26 and thats why you wear a seat belt

  40. xDJAMVx says:

    Reeeeelaxxxx i didnt know i was going to shoot you in the balls???

  41. Philly Wister says:

    the last clip was just hilarious

  42. AsterBarnivere says:

    I hope that last lady had insurance…

  43. matthew miller says:

    That last clip though that shit was too funny 

  44. Shawn Porter says:

    she hit that windshield with the quickness

  45. luke mc says:


  46. Sunny q says:

    I don’t mean to be sexist but girls, especially the good looking ones just
    takes the I am dumb so this isn’t my fault route. The things is that
    because they are cute and hot they get away with it. Never in their life
    do that have to take responsibility so shit like the relax girl with the Ak
    and girls who do stupid shit happen. Because we allow it to happen, they
    don’t receive proper punishment when they have small fuck ups and when its
    big fuck ups its too late.

    on top of that i might want to bang a dumb hot bitch, but thats it.
    Beautiful, smart and well grounded is what any man really look for.

  47. zzzzImTired says:

    Women drivers are the worst. They’re a menace on our roads. No woman should
    be given a drivers license.

  48. petrataraxx says:

    Sexist nonsense…

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