Gold Digger Prank – Picking Up Women with a Bugatti – Picking Up Girls – Funny Pranks – Pranks 2014

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25 Responses to Gold Digger Prank – Picking Up Women with a Bugatti – Picking Up Girls – Funny Pranks – Pranks 2014

  1. Abd Alhadi says:

    this video can be better .. if it was a new idea … why you copied
    vitaly’s ?

  2. tom49681 says:

    she was a gold digger but it just got awkward real quick so she was all
    like YOLO!

  3. gabriella rivera says:

    I wouldn’t be able to get food with you either, if you were pretending that
    the car was yours…I would be so embarrassed when someone said OH GET OFF
    MY CAR…I’m not a gold digger…I just can’t go on a date with a poser

  4. Kaotic freeriders says:

    That girl at the end was really sweet.

  5. BlueStahli DeepFocus says:

    girl 1:52 all deserved I’m fascinated

  6. Joel66004 says:

    Do that but when you walk to the cheap car and then the gold diggers say no
    thanks then walk back to the bugatti and then say yes the bugatti is my car
    but i don’t like gold diggers

  7. benjaav07 says:

    but from what ive learn from most of these vids, is that girls like rich
    guys. but what about us poor guys, girls wont llike us or ride our cars…
    damnit :/

  8. Geovane Moraisx says:

    Omg that last girl…

    Make more videos like this @SoFloComedy

  9. QBWillieB says:

    A man with a fly whip is like a female with big tits. Both are desirable
    features for attention.

    Notice the last girl he engaged her with a compliment that increased her

    Not all women a gold diggers and just because you drive a nice car doesn’t
    instantly attract a hot girl to fuck you.

  10. Quadraxon says:

    If he didn’t call that girl at the end georgeous, would she still have

  11. Dominican says:

    Lol last chick probably paid her $20

  12. SoFloComedy says:

    Gold Digger Prank – Picking Up Women with a Bugatti – Picking Up Girls –
    Funny Pranks – Pranks 2014
    Subscribe for More Pranks ➨

  13. afreshkillah says:

    Woooow props to that girl 

  14. DAVID ?!? says:

    i was cringing the whole time! xD

  15. Tobi Zandt says:


  16. Francisco Meza says:

    You should make that last girl your girlfriend.

  17. Brandon Harper says:

    All of these girl are actresses 

  18. Alec gonzalez says:

    fucking whores what has society become.

  19. mesut ozil says:

    Franklin, is that you?

  20. neil78b says:

    She only stopped to talk to the guy because she thought it might have been
    his car. If you were leaning on the neon at first and were fat, she
    wouldn’t have even said a word. Stop making the last girl seem real, she’s
    getting a free meal!

  21. fuzzylogiceire says:

    Who the fuck knows someone who owns a Veyron??!!

  22. Joshua Marshall says:

    It was shit because u didn’t go for ride in it

  23. CP3LobCity says:

    This guy should stop skipping leg day

  24. Heisenberg says:

    2nd chick seemed cool.

  25. Abdul Baqi says:

    Lmfao “Were Doowin A GoleDigga Prank Wida BooGuutti” xD

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